Saturday, 18 November 2017

Electronic management system reporting tool

Track is an electronic monitoring and reporting tool, specifically designed to simplify maintenance of management systems and demonstrate legislative/ISO compliance. No software is required other than a Windows platform and it's designed to be used on PCs across a network. Two versions are now available, Track (single location, few users) and the more advanced, TrackPlus.

Track makes managing your system easy:
  • simple and intuitive to use, minimal training required
  • reminder schedule for system maintenance tasks and meetings
  • track nonconformances (NCRs) and corrective action (CARs)
  • satisfy design requirements of ISO 9001
  • monitor objectives & targets (Business Improvement Plan)
  • risk assess and register environmental aspects & impacts
  • risk assess and register WHS hazards/risks or other risks
  • WHS accident/incident investigation and reporting
  • assign owners, print, email, link documents and export data to Excel
  • tailor field names and security access levels to various functions


  • quicker data transfer for multiple sites and access from any computer anywhere
  • extra functions - Equipment Calibration/Check/Maintenance Register
  • Compliance Register (proving legislative compliance)
  • dashboard style reports (ideal for management review)
  • SDS/Hazardous Substances Register (if a Quality House Watch subscriber)
  • greater integrity of data through off-site retention and backup
  • on-line Help information & FAQs, telephone and email support.
Once off purchase - no licence/user fee; modest annual fee for upgrades/data backup/support

Price: contact us at for the purchase fee or to request a 30 day free trial.


Click here for a downloadable Track PDF flyer.


The latest Track version, (7/7/15), now boasts:
  • the option to enable/disable Field 3 (Department) in Configuration, Screens so that Department can be shown in Admin and Security, if required  
  • a Rehabilitation/Return to Work Plan tab in Accident screen
  • 'Raised by' field added to WHS Accident/Incident page and the option to include a WHS Manager
  • the ability to enable/disable staff members viewing Security or access to Security and Screens
  • a help function has been included to assist with identifying Window's usernames for new users
  • updated Handy Hints, FAQs and separate Screen Helps.

The latest TrackPlus version, (7/7/15), also includes:
  • a new option for Audit Checklists to be created and completed through TrackPlus or TrackOnline
  • added Accidents Breakdown to report and some changes to the layout of the Report screen
  • ability to enable/disable automated emails for owner change and overdue of NCRs, CARs, BIPs and WHS
  • 'Decommissioned' added to 'Serviceable?'drop down field in Equipment.

 For more information or to upgrade to the latest version of Track, contact